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What Experts Are Saying About The No-Bite V

The 9 Nevers of Nasal Suctioning Protocol and Suction Catheter Induced Nasal Trauma (SCINT)

Respiratory Therapy Vol. 14 No. 4 Fall 2019 (pg.40)
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Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis of Preventing an Intubation $29,200 per patient.
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Market Analysis: Airway Management

RT | For Decision Makers In Respiratory Care | April 2014
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The No-Bite V: The New Standard of Care When Nasotracheal Suctioning is Contraindicated

Respiratory Therapy | Vol 6 No 6 | December 2012 - January 2013
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Respiration Inspiration

Healthcare Purchasing News | December 2013
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Inadvertent Intracranial Insertion of Nasotracheal Suction Catheters Compared to Nasogastric Tubes in Transsphenoidal Surgery & Basal Skull Fracture Patients

Respiratory Therapy | Vol. 8 No. 5 | October-November 2013
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The No-Bite V: Proving to be a more comfortable suctioning method in Hospice & Palliative Care for "The Death Rattle"

Respiratory Therapy | Vol 8 No 2 | April - May 2013
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The No-Bite V Prevents Nasotracheal Suctioning

"I wanted to share these photos of my dad back in Nov 2016 before I even knew about the No-Bite. He was nasal suctioned in the hospital and they caused severe nasal trauma... Ouch! And no, he was not even on blood thinners, just baby aspirin."

"My dad stayed out of the hospital a record 10 Months Pneumonia-Free and Nasal Trauma-Free thanks to the No-Bite Suction!"

"Previously my dad was readmitted to the hospital at least once a month with aspiration pneumonias, but now he is doing much better."

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