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Nasal Suctioning Contraindications
  • * Medications used to dry up secretions causing the Death Rattle do not always work… Some patients still require pharyngeal suctioning, for example: pneumonia patients.
  • * The Death Rattle is common and can be a very unnerving experience for families as well as caregivers.
  • * Nasal suctioning can cause Pain, Trauma & Bleeding in your fragile End-of-Life Patients.
  • * Many patients in the active phase of dying are not aware of their surroundings and therefore bite down on or “tongue-out” suctioning equipment.
  • * The No-Bite V™ provides a fast & easy suctioning alternative to introduce & guide a suction catheter orally instead of nasally. Fits any size suction catheter.
  • * The No-Bite V™ can Improve Patient Comfort, Family Satisfaction & (HCAHPS) Scores.
  • * Technique is Easy enough that trained family members can suction their own loved ones in the Home Hospice Setting.
  • * Multiple uses on a single patient - rinse with water after use, dry & store in package.
  • * LED light gives a Well-Lit Assessment. (batteries included)

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9 Nevers of Nasal Suctioning