Insert Suction Catheters More Comfortably, Easier, Faster & Safer

Suction Catheter introducer The No-Bite V™ makes suction catheters insert more comfortably, easier, faster and safer for not only the patient but also the caregiver. The suction catheter introducer works great for those who suffer from dysphagia, also known as difficulty swallowing. These patients are at high risk for aspiration of their own saliva, liquids or food, subsequently leading to a life threatening aspiration pneumonia. (1-5)

Muscle weakness leading to difficultly swallowing and aspiration can be seen in:

At the beginning stages of muscle weakening diseases, suctioning with suction swabs and Yankauer suction devices may be good enough. But when a person develops advanced weakening of the throat muscles and an ineffective cough, aspiration leading to pneumonia can be a very high risk. In the more advanced stages of muscle weakness, patients need suctioning deeper in the throat usually with a suction catheter. And The No-Bite V™ allows you to insert a suction catheter deep in the throat, about 3 inches further than a Yankauer suction.

Suction catheter introducer The No-Bite V™ also avoids the nasal route altogether and all the pain and bleeding that inserting suction catheters up the nose brings. The No-Bite V™ allows the patient to bite on the device, therefore allowing the suction catheter to insert freely into the throat. A caregiver can also depress the tongue and lite up the entire mouth so you can view the oral area for cleaning.

Pulmonary medicine doctors who specialize in the muscle weakening disease management of ALS, CF, MS, MD, Parkinson's Disease & CVA, frequently recommend the No-Bite V™ for their patients. (6-15) It has helped patients successfully manage their symptoms at home to help patients stay at home longer & out of the hospitals. The No-Bite V has helped families & patients at home with ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease, CF Cystic Fibrosis, MS Multiple Sclerosis, MD Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson's disease, and CVA Stroke Patients. With the help of the in-service videos even caregivers who are family members have become suctioning experts with the No-Bite V™!


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The No-Bite V Prevents Nasotracheal Suctioning

"I wanted to share these photos of my dad back in Nov 2016 before I even knew about the No-Bite. He was nasal suctioned in the hospital and they caused severe nasal trauma... Ouch! And no, he was not even on blood thinners, just baby aspirin."

"My dad stayed out of the hospital a record 10 Months Pneumonia-Free and Nasal Trauma-Free thanks to the No-Bite Suction!"

"Previously my dad was readmitted to the hospital at least once a month with aspiration pneumonias, but now he is doing much better."

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